Guidance & Mentoring

After handling numerous residential and commercial projects of repute we plan to connect with end users, young professionals and other industry people in resolving their doubts related to interior designing field through one to one counseling & group workshops. People pursuing career in interior or architecture related fields can also seek our personalize guidance for the fine tuning of their career, business or interior projects.

Some of the ways you can connect with us are…


If you are building a new home or thinking about interior designing of any other space you got to try “First Home First Consultation”, a 90 minutes counseling session by Ar. Sandeep Jain. You can seek his guidance related to your interior & renovation projects when you may or may not need full time professional help still you need a right direction or may be a second opinion. He can spend time with you just like a family doctor and answer your interior designing related queries on hourly consultation basis.


Over a period of years we have acquired an extensive know-how of interior design industry, also we have developed a large network of designers, architects, manufacturers, suppliers & contractors. If you are pursuing a new career in interior industry or you are a part of an existing business, you can seek our personalized guidance for the fine tuning of your career or business. Manufacturers, store owners and vendors can also take our help in assessing the quality or selection of their interior products as per market trends & user psychology.


Young design professionals willing to start on their own can take us along as a “Knowledge Partner” for their interior projects. We can help them in attaining quality results by providing suitable guidance at various stages of their projects. Architects, interior designers, Vendors and contractors can also take our help in resolving any tricky situation related to their interior projects. We also look forward to associate with them if they want to collaborate with us for any of their interior projects.

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